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About Us

Complete Fluid Dispensing Solutions

As manufacturer, we can design and develop everything from mere hand or bench dispensers, to cutting-edge robotic dispensing systems. Pumps, reservoirs, and a full range of dispensing consumable like syringes, barrels, needles, and tips are also available. With Adofil fluid dispensing products, you’ll be assured in the precise application of assembly fluids, ensuring minimum rejects and great product quality. Common assembly fluids include:

  • Stroke adjustment to fine tune shots
  • Separated wetted parts
  • Easily serviceable

No matter what your material or application needs, the flexible Adofil product range can accommodate all of your requirements.

Adofil | Engineered Dispensing Solutions

Customer Service Focus

Adofil is devoted in providing customers incomparable technical support and services. We look forward to the. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and increase output.