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Who We Are

ADOfil (Adhesive Dispensing Solution),established as a company in the year 2015, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision fluid dispensing and fluid handling solutions. Over 7 years, we have expanded our market with several branches across India including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. ADOfil has core strength of innovation and new product development.

ADOfil is your universal solution for all fluid dispensing requirements, supplying range from basic manual dispensers to fully automated robotic systems.

In addition, we offer standard products like syringes, barrels, needles and tips that are used repeatedly, we also offer pumps and reservoirs for making complete dispensing package. Choose ADOfil for a reliable fluid dispensing, and you can be confident that subject fluids will be applied precisely, resulting in fewer product rejects, achieving cycle time and higher productivity. Adhesives, epoxies, silicones, solvents, markers, soldering pastes, soldering pastes, and lubricants are among the ,fluids frequently utilised in typical assembly process that we offer solution


Our Mission

Adofil aims to become the most preferred company in the field of fluid dispensing solutions, by continuously improving product performance, quality and customer support. With the support of innovation and creativity, we strive to increase our internal, technical and manufacturing capabilities and be acclaimed as the most reliable solution provider of all types of industrial dispensing requirements.


Our Vision

AdOfil is committed to enable industrial growth with technological advancement in field of fluid dispensing, in the paradigm of environmental sustainability, human safety and comfort.


Why You Choose Us

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

Pan India Presence

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The engineers at ADOfil are highly experienced in developing new products in dispensing domain and providing outstanding service throughout the entire process of implementation. We have global presence and an industry expertise that is unrivalled. Our employees possess impeccable skills and are well renowned among others in the industry.



ADOfil is among the top distributors and providers of industrial equipment, tools, and supplies for all of the most important in industries. For India's most important industries, we source only the highest-quality products and services from globally renowned foreign Principals.



We are continuously progressing toward advanced technology and engineered production. Thanks to Industry globalisation and advanced manufacturing technology, we consistently work to reduce costs, improve quality, and optimise costs, to achieve industry standards and provide excellent products. We possess a distinguished focus when it comes to keeping up with the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology. We believe in constant growth in team skill sets by training and learning.


Relationship with Client

ADOfil prioritises the satisfaction of its customers before anything else. We have equipped ourselves to meet customer needs with customised engineered solution. With world class product offering & our service, we have always been able to surpass the expectations of our customers.


Exceptional Quality

With our own design control, we ensure high level of quality control. We verify that products and services from ADOfil meet the standard of excellence. The quality set by ADOfil induces great confidence in our customers to refer to us, and grow in their field of adhesive dispensing solutions.

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