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Stay up-to-date on the latest Adofil products, applications, and services with our video library. Get a first-hand look at components, setup & testing, common applications, customer robot dispense trials, and Fisnar services including our free video trial service and our meter mix dispensing application process.

ADOfil DS-M55 Syringe Dispensing System

The Adofil DS-M55 is basic but efficient syringe dispenser. The compact configuration features easy

ADOfil PD022 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser

Adofil PD022 Squirm Dispenser is mainly used to dispense the liquid in low density.

ADOfil DCD M30 Direct Drum

Direct Container Dispenser ( DCD) is unique design that allow your adhesive container to directly us

ADOfil A3000 Series Advance 3 Axis Robotic Dispenser

Adofil A3000 Advance 3-axis bench top robots are designed to ensure precise fluid placement and posi

ADOfil DRT 400 Rotary Table

DRT400 Rotary Table is the Digital Glue dispenser used to dispense any cartridge filled liquids/Semi liquids With Rotary bed.

FRD121 a+b Fixed Ratio Dispenser + Volume Control

FRD121 a+b Fixed Ratio Dispenser is recommended for fixed ratio 2 component meter, mix and dispense applications, including hard to handle abrasive, heavy filled, thixotropic and/or odd ratio materials.

AS02S-SuckBack Valve

Successfully works with Wood adhesives,Rubber Adhesive,Poly urethane Adhesives,Grease,Sealants,Paints etc.

GRD25 Autocan Extruder System

ADOfil GRD25 is used to dispense one-component sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems.

ABS2V AB Glue Mixer Valve (2K)

ABS2V AB Glue Mixer Valve (2K) successfully worked with Epoxy resin and Hardener, PU Adhesive and Activator.

ADOfill AB Dispenser

Adofil, Continuous Flow Meter System with adjustable ratio is a two component meter mix dispense system. It is recommended for dispensing of low to medium viscosity materials.

ADOfil Semi Automated Manual Dispenser

ADOfil Semi Automated Manual Dispenser are designed to ensure precise fluid dispensing solution.