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A+B Cartridge Dispensing Gun

PD150 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser

Electro Pneumatic Dispensing Valve

RD005 Bench Top Glue Dispensing Robot-3 Axis

A+B Dispensing System

Dispensing Pressure Pot with Stirrer

Grouting Gun

Bench top Robotic dispenser

Peristaltic Adhesive Dispensing

Resin & Hardener Automatic Dispensing by ADOfil

Mobile Screen Repair Kit by ADOfil


ADOfil PD022 peristaltic squirm precision dispenser

ADOfil DSM55 Syringe glue dispenser

ADOfil pneumatic suck back valve with controller - micro dot - mono glue application

ADOfil GRD25 Pail extractor machine

ADOfil Rotary table Glue dispenser DRT400

Pneumatic glue gun ADOfil VHG20 Mechstore

Radial Glue dispenser ADOfil

ADOfil 4 line Glue dispenser Robot RD005 Micro dot

Adofil Liquid Mixer A+B Dual Glue Dispenser Fixed ratio FRD120

Adofil Fixed ratio pump type Liquid Mixer A+B dual glue Dispenser FRD120

Semi Automated Manual Dispenser

ADOfil PD022 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser # Automatic control # Manual control

Adofil DS-M55 Syringe Dispensing System

Cold Glue dispenser -Direct Drum Dispensing ADOfil DCD M30

A+B Fixed Ratio Dispenser with Trolley system

Cartridge Dispensing

Bench Top Glue Dispensing Robot 4 Axis

Peristaltic Pen Dispensing For Low Viscous Fluids

Manual Dispensing System

Heated Pressure Tank With Motorised Stirrer

Direct Manual Dispensing System by hand lever valve

GRD 200

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