• PU Foam Casting machine (GFRD P105) is a Specialization for the dispensing of two materials with respective ratios of each. It is Equipped with the two tanks A & B. AB glue are store in two containers independently. Glue AB are filled into the mixing pipe separately through precise calculation of two pumps based on needs, so any fixed ratio can be achievable. Suitable for A+ B adhesives like Epoxy resin and hardener, PU adhesive & Primer mixing.Operating interface of PLC which is easy to learn & operate.It is the manual & automatic dispenser machine which can be universally used for different products.It is also provided with automatic alarming buzzer sensors to avoid short of materials
  • Tank Capacity : 5 L
  • Power Supply : 230VAC
  • Level Sensors provided with buzzer
  • Mode: Auto / manual
  • Cleaning method : Purging method
  • AB Tank Connected with hopper

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GFRD – P105

AB Tank

Stainless tank A(5L)  B(5L)

Liquid level sensors

Working Viscosity

Upto 30,000cps

Operating pattern

PLC Integrated auto/manual mode.

Power supply

230VAC ,50 HZ

Mixing ratio


Dispensing Speed


Operating method

Foot switch & dispensing switch

Mixing method

Dynamic mixing

Cleaning method

Manual Purging

Working Pressure

0 to 6 bar

Machine Dimensions

L = 47”

W = 38”

H = 46”

Machine Weight





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